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FAST-Balls are strategically designed training aids for Pitchers to develop command and power in pitching 2-Seam and 4-Seam fastballs and for Position Players to throw the baseball more efficiently. 

The word “FAST” in FAST-Balls represents the acronym of Form, Accuracy, & Speed Training Balls.


The 4S/PP FAST-Ball training aid is a patented, ideally-designed half Black and half White baseball where the black/white borderline is exactly across the center of all four baseball seams, so the baseball looks like a Half Moon.  The “4S” stands for 4-Seam.  The “PP” stands for Position Player as they should be throwing the baseball as a 4-Seam fastball. The 4S/PP FAST-Ball training aids are designed to give clear and accurate immediate feedback on the rotation and orientation of a pitcher’s 4-Seam fastball or a position player's thrown baseball.

2S FAST-Ball

The 2S FAST-Ball training aid is a baseball that has Black on each end of the baseball so that a 1-inch White Line remains exactly through the center of the baseball across two seams. The “2S” stands for 2-Seam. These 2S FAST-Ball training aids are designed to give pitchers clear and accurate immediate feedback on the rotation and orientation of their 2-Seam fastballs.

Clear and Immediate Feedback - So what?

The clear and immediate feedback these training aids provide to the pitchers and coaches allows players to make quick minor adjustments to their body position, arm slot, wrist action or finger pressure that are needed to pitch and throw the baseball with better Form, Accuracy and Speed.

Black/White Color Contrast

The Black color and the White baseball cover produces the best contrast of colors to see and receive immediate feedback each of these training aids provide.  Baseball players and coaches will be able to see how these training aids are performing in the air in a variety of lighting and background settings.



  • Develop command by throwing more strikes and getting ahead of the count

  • Gain control of the strike zone by hitting their target especially with the inside corner of the plate

  • Generate more power to throw their fastball past batters

  • Have better production by getting more strike outs, forcing more ground balls and fly balls, and reducing walks and hits


  • Become more consistent in making routine throws to players and bases for the “sure” outs

  • Make more challenging, “play-making” throws to players and bases for outs (Whether it’s infielders throwing to first base, outfielders throwing to a cutoff or a base, or catchers firing the baseball to a base)

  • Have better defensive production by throwing with more accuracy and power to their target


FAST-Balls Advantages Over Homemade Versions to Assure Successful, Game-transferable Fastball Pitching and Baseball Throwing Development

  • Ideal Black color placement

  • Black color will remain on FAST-Ball cover through skill development gain (Useful Life)

  • Saves time and mess from color placement by markers, paint, shoe polish, or stickers

  • No added weight and improper air resistance from stickers or tape

4-Seam / Player Position (4S/PP) FAST-Balls Advantages

  • Black covers one hemisphere of baseball

  • Black/White border splits exactly down middle of all four seams

  • Displays clear and distinct Black/White Half Moon distinction when thrown correctly

  • Displays Black/White fluctuating image when thrown inappropriately

2-Seam (2S) FAST-Balls Advantages

  • Black covers outer portions of baseball

  • White leather cover provides a 1-inch White Line across middle of baseball crossing two seams

  • Displays clear and distinct White ring when thrown correctly

  • Displays Black/White fluctuating image when thrown inappropriately

FAST-Balls Overall Advantages

  • Black/White coloring produce easily distinguishable feedback when imparted into the air

  • Clear and deep Black color with distinct contrast to White leather cover

  • Detectable against any background

  • Detectable with indoor lighting or outdoor daytime or twilight lighting

  • Color is stamped onto the baseball cover material and will provide long-lasting durability


FAST-Balls Quality

Our FAST-Balls are constructed with conventional baseball standards to provide the best quality possible. FAST-Balls interior are game-quality baseballs constructed with a double cushioned rubber, hard cork core, which is then wound tightly with yarn. The seams are flat and the cover is made of professional game-ball quality cowhide leather.  Each FAST-Ball weighs 5 – 5.25 ounces and has a size/circumference of 9 – 9.25 inches.

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