Vision Pearls are patented, scientifically-designed, colored baseball vision training aids to improve the vision and tracking skills of hitters and fielders. Each baseball has a single color (Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Purple) with an ideal and distinct shade and is deeply embedded into the synthetic leather cover.


The patented design includes Lines and Dots adjacent to the seams, resembles an anatomical cross-section of an eyeball, and serves two purposes.


  • The colored Lines and Dots on the pitched Vision Pearl is perceived as a “Color Blur” that is not detected by most batters until the Vision Pearl is in the Batter's Hitting Zone. This effect happens in movement drills such as live batting practice due to the moving baseball’s linear velocity, the rotational velocity, and the red seams,  This same color blur phenomenon also occurs in live fielding drills where the Vision Pearl color will not be detected by most fielders until the hit Vision Pearl is almost in the fielder’s glove.
  • The Dots serve as ideal contact targets for Tee drills.  The Dots help batters keep their eyes, hands and barrel of the bat on the inside part of the baseball.

Use Vision Pearls in your regular hitting and fielding drills to improve baseball players' vision skills.  Vision Pearls are designed to challenge baseball players to identify the correct color on each Vision Pearl as they go through the drills.  Make sure the players call out the Vision Pearl color after performing the swing, take (no swing), catch, or throw.


All Players will:

  • Quickly learn to intentionally move their head and eyes to track the Vision Pearl to ensure they see the correct color on each Vision Pearl.
  • Begin to naturally acquire high level vision skills as they consistently move their head and eyes to track the baseball into the hitting zone or fielding glove.
  • Apply these newly developed mechanical vision skills to have better game performance.


For extended durability and integrity, 3 Dozen Vision Pearls are the perfect amount for your regular institutional baseball team, private instructional business, or hitting academy.

3 Dozen Vision Pearls (with a 5-gallon bucket/lid)